Proving a hiking guide service to backcountry lodges,
Lake O’Hara and European Destinations

During July and August and early September, we offer 4 and 5 day hiking trips to back country lodges in the Rockies and Selkirks.

These hiking trips are fully catered and take us to a private lodge with helicopter flights in and out of the lodge. These trips require a group of 12 like-minded hikers with similar stamina and interests. Our day hikes to Lake O’Hara offer both low level and alpine routes and are limited to a maximum of 4 hikers. Popular destinations in Europe are Chamonix, The Dolomites of northern Italy and Switzerland. These trips are 7 days with 5.5 days of hiking and take place in late August to mid-September.

Upcoming Trips

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Amiskwi Lodge
Upcoming Trips
Amiskwi Lodge is located in the Rockies, north of Golden, BC and just east of the Blaeberry River. The lodge is accessible by helicopter only. This lodge sleeps 10 hikers and has a spacious living area and a great sauna. The hikes are adventurous and often without trail.
Campbell Icefield Chalet
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Although operating as a ski lodge for almost 20 years, the Campbell Icefield Chalet has recently opened to back country hikers. There are ridge walks and alpine glacier and blue glaciers to visit at this remote location. The hiking terrain is pristine with very few trails.
International Trips
Upcoming Trips
The Dolomites: This is a 7 day hiking trip with 6 days of hiking and takes place in the towns of Corvara and Cortina in The Dolomites of northern Italy. Chamonix: Known the world over, Chamonix is home to some of the highest peaks in the Alps. The scenery is spectacular and the hiking is memorable! Our rental house is located in town close to shops and trailheads. Our local chef will supply wholesome nutritious meals. We will make use of the lifts and trams each to gain access to and from the alpine. There will be ridge walks, small lakes and even some cow pastures during our 6 days on the trail.
Juan de Fuca Trail
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Located on the west coast of Vancouver Island, this 48 kilometre trail offers scenic beauty, wildlife viewing and a roaring surf! We will rent an executive house in Port Renfrew and visit each 10 kilometre section of the trail for 5 days.
Lake O'Hara Day Hikes
We will hike the Alpine Circuit Loop which is 9 km with 470 metres of elevation. We will be on the trail about 4-5 hours.
Mistaya Lodge
Upcoming Trips
This lodge and the hiking surrounding it has been called a little Lake O’Hara. It has spectacular scenery, trail system and fantastic accommodations including a backcountry sauna. From the lodge, we will hike in a different direction every day.
Paddle, Pedal and a Peak
Upcoming Trips
Panorama Mountain Resort is located 30 minutes west of Invermere, BC in the Purcell Mountains. Our hiking week will be full of adventure as we access hiking terrain both in the alpine and at treeline. We will rent a private home and stay 5 nights at the house.
Sentry Lodge
Sentry Lodge is considered one of the most modern and spacious lodges in the back country. It has wireless internet, hot and cold running water, indoor toilets and an awesome sauna.
Talus Lodge
Upcoming Trips
Talus Lodge is a fully catered and guided backcountry lodge just south of Mount Assiniboine in the Rockies. Transportation to the trailhead is provided from Canmore, Alberta by the lodge owners.
The Esplanade Traverse
The hiking traverse of the Esplanade Range is a continuous hike from hut to hut. Esplanade means Boardwalk in French and we spend a portion of each day hiking along a high flat ridge called The Esplanade. It is located north west of Golden in the Selkirk Mountains.

Andrea Petzold

ACMG Hiking & Snowshoe Guide

I am a certified Hiking Guide with the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides with plenty of good stories to tell about our natural history and geology. I’m looking forward to it all!